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Welcome to Synthesys Solutions. We are a Systems Integrator providing design and build of Security, Safety and Communication Systems across different market sectors in East-Africa, backed by a qualified technical team and service assurance support.

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Security Systems

Keeping your premises safe goes beyond locks and keys. Our partnership
with access control system manufacturers and our qualified system
engineers will ensure your building and assets are effectively protected.
Our access control solutions go beyond physical safety by integrating
the system with other applications such as video capture, asset
tagging as well as time and workforce management. We are here to help
you reinforce security with greater efficiency in your organization.


Safety Systems

As buildings become larger and more complex everyday, it’s equally
important to equip them with appropriate emergency evacuation systems,
fire detection and suppression units. We provide these solutions to
guarantee you calm and suppress your fire fears.


Communication Systems

Every organization requires an efficient and comprehensive
telecommunications and communications Infrastructure. This
infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to providing
internet telephony service and transmitting data through a computer
network. Our solutions in Structured Cabling, Networking and IP
Telephony guarantee you unmatched efficiency in network infrastructure,
be it a local network or a data centre.


Audio Visual Systems

We provide a complete range of audio solutions for both large and small
venues to suit your sound needs. Our solutions include individual
components or complete systems that are ideal for speech and sound
reinforcement applications in hotels, office complexes, airports, conference
centers, shopping malls and stadiums.



“Synthesys have gone an extra mile in providing us with IP telephony that connects all our offices across Africa. This has helped not only our staff but also our clients with improved seamless communication.”

Creative Director, SCANAD

“Synthesys has proved over the years to be an invaluable partner. Their attention to detail was beyond our expectation and from start to finish they delivered what they promised.”

IT Manager, Toyota Kenya

“Synthesys installed our security system for our Nairobi office to match our global standard. We are very pleased with the quality of service that Sythesys provide.”

CEO, Mastercard Kenya

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You’re not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us. Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At Synthesys Systems, we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!

SYNTHESYS SYSTEMS, AAYMCA Building, State House Crescent.
P.O. BOX 1024, NAIROBI 00606, TEL: +254 ( 737) 102477 CELL: +254 ( 720) 102477


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