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See More with the TruVision Multi-imager Panoramic Camera

TruVision Multi-imager camera is an ideal solution for surveillance applications that would normally require multiple cameras such as parking lotslarge lobbies, or other open spaces.

The TruVision (TVS-5101) multi-imager camera features four individual camera sensors which can be repositioned to best cover a scene. Each camera sensor is 5 megapixels with individual motorized zoom lenses.

Why the TruVision multi-imager camera is your next best purchase

  • One TVS-5101 can be used to cover large areas by delivering panoramic views of up to 360° thus offering a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution which would typically require multiple high resolution cameras.
  • The camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    Compared to multiple traditional cameras that would each require individual cabling, camera license and network connection, the multi-imager requires only 1 network cable, 1 network connection and 1 camera license.
  • The repositioning of sensors offers great flexibility for many different scenarios. For example, when the camera is mounted on the corner of a building 3 camera sensors can be positioned to cover 270° view while the 4th camera can look down to cover the area under the camera.
  • The built-in video analytics can automatically inform operators when certain events are happening or help them to easily find recorded events afterwards
  • The multi-imager camera is well suited for large surveillance applications like shopping malls, schools, large commercial buildings, parking lots, factories, warehouses, airports, etc.

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