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The COVID-19 global pandemic has accelerated an unprecedented shift towards remote work. As more employees are being asked to work from home, companies are stepping up to support staff through the transition.

Efficient and transparent work from home can only be managed with cutting edge tools for time tracking. Depending on the business environment, there are several different solutions with the same purpose: to track time and activity.

  • Spica Mobile Time for clocking via a mobile device.
  • Spica Web Clocking Portal for clocking at a personal computer.

Your workforce is your biggest asset and labour is your biggest cost. So everything counts – every day, every hour and every minute.

Spica Mobile Time (SMT) Smartphone App


Spica Mobile Time smartphone app enables your employees to clock in and out anywhere their work takes them. It is a download available for both Android and iOS platforms.

The mobile app enables worktime and approval management via their smartphone or tablet. All information is displayed clearly, graphically and intuitively. Managers can access real-time data about who is present, who is absent, and receive daily and weekly reports on the staff they are responsible for.

Spica Web Clocking Portal


Most time management features are accessible through the web; therefore, only a browser and internet connection are needed to perform everyday administrative tasks. Some simple team management tasks are also available on the smartphone app.

With smartphone apps and web access, employees engage directly in the time  management. They see the data and provide feedback, resulting in fewer gaps and errors. Time administration and workflow is distributed directly to team managers, liberating the HR department from tedious data gathering.

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