WTU-4800 D01

KSh 15,650.00

WTU-4800 D01

Space Diversity Tuner Module


The TOA Wireless Tuner Module WTU-4800 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superheterodyne diversity tuner module designed to be used in conjunction with UHF wireless equipment. It employs a compressor-expander system noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of ambient RF noise.

  • Compact, single channel tuner module
  • Designed to work with our UHF wireless transmitters
  • Can be used in the WT-4820 dual channel receiver unit or can be integrated into other systems
  • Include diversity operation
  • Integrated squelch circuit
  • 16 intermodulation-free frequencies
  • Other features: Noise squelch, phantom powering for antennae
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datasheet : WTU-4800__D01_en