WT-5800 D01

KSh 29,850.00

WT-5800 D01

True Diversity Receiver


The wireless tuner WT-5800 is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superheterodyne true diversity tuner to be used in UHF wireless systems. It employs a compander noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of the ambient RF noise.

  • Automatic frequency scan
  • Integrated squelch function
  • Ideally suited for fixed installations such as in event locations, multi-purpose and sports halls, plenary and conference venues, churches, auditoriums etc.
  • System always select the stronger of the two antenna signals for further processing
  • Setup with up to 16 simultaneously operating receivers possible
  • Two antenna distribution outputs allow to simply loop through the antenna signals
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Tender text for this product.

The wireless receiver shall have 64 selectable channels and a built-in scanner function to scan the RF environment and indicate available channels. The receiving method shall be double super-heterodyne using signal strenth-comparative antenna switching diversity. Specifications shall  include a S/N ratio of greater than 110 dB (A-weighted), harmonic distortion of less than 1% and frequency response of 100 – 15k Hz, +/-3 dB. The receiving sensitivity shall be greater than 90 dB with 20 dBµV input and 40k Hz deviation. Squelch types shall be carrier, noise and tone key with a variable squelch sensitivity of 18 – 40 dBµV and a 32.768k Hz tone key frequency. The receiver shall have two antenna inputs, each with BNC-type connectors, 75 ohm impedance and 9 VDC, 30 mA, available for remote antennas. The unit shall also have two antenna outputs, with BNC-type connectors, 75 ohm impedance, and 0 dB gain, to provide antenna distribution to a maximum of two additional receivers. The audio outputs shall be balanced type with XLR-M jack and sensitivity of -60 dB / 1 mV, and unbalanced type with 1/4″ phone jack and sensitivity of -20 dB / 100 mV, both with an output impedance of 600 ohms.  A Mix Input, unbalanced type with 1/4″ phone jack with an input impedance of 10k ohms and sensitivity of -20 dBV / 100 mV shall allow the connection of the output of a second receiver or other audio source to be mixed with the main receiver output signal. The front panel shall include an LCD for RF and AF monitoring as well as frequency setting and scanner functions.  Front panel LED’s shall include antenna A / B reception status, low battery indication, and an AF peak indicator that lights at 3 dB below clipping. Front panel controls shall include Up, Down, and Set keys for menu navigation as well as Power and Volume.  The wireless receiver shall be powered from the AC mains using a supplied AC-DC adapter with a power consumption of 250 mA (12 VDC). The unit shall operate within a temperature range of -10° C to +50° C (+14° F to +122° F).Unit construction shall be black resin with dimensions (W x H x D) of 210 x 44.6 x 205 mm (8.27” x 1.76” x 8.1”) and weight of 700 g (1.54 lbs.). Included accessories shall be two whip antennas and an external AC-DC adapter.Up to two units shall be rack-mountable in one standard 19″ rack height with an optional rack-mount kit.
The wireless receiver shall be the TOA model WT-5800.

datasheet : WT-5800___D01ER_en