Spectra SD4-w1-x mini dome

KSh 35,970.00

Spectra mini dome

The Spectra® Mini incorporates many well-known features from
Pelco’s full-size Spectra dome system into a cost effective, small
form factor. The easy-to-install dome system can be mounted to the
surface of ceilings or recessed into hard ceilings and suspended tile
ceilings. A high resolution camera transmits video over coaxial cable
or unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wires. When paired with active UTP
receivers, the Spectra Mini is capable of transmitting high quality
video across distances of up to 4,000 ft (1,219 m). Pan/tilt operation
can be performed with Pelco’s controllers that transmit D, P, or
Coaxitron® protocols. For non-Pelco controllers, a translator board
can be installed. On-screen programming allows easy setup of the
miniature dome‘s many features.

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