KSh 10,100.00

Impro SIR900 Non-Keypad RDID SIR Mullion Reader

  • Cost effective: one of the most price-competitive systems
  • Secure: uses trusted anti-cloning credential technology
  •  Scalable: simple plug-and-play for seamless expansion
  •  Flexible: increased cable distance and ability to multi-drop



Impro SIR900 is a Non-Keypad RDID SIR Mullion Reader.  The Access Portal S-Series comprises cost-effective hardware that seamlessly operates on the Access Portal management software, to provide a holistic access control system. A key feature of the S-Series is the ability to operate up to eight SIR readers, or four APB doors, from a single module. The clustering concept also ensures zero downtime, as modules are plug and- play –  simply unplug and replace.  Expansion of a system is just as easy, whereby additional controllers and modules are quickly and effortlessly added as needed.
The system caters for redundancy as transactions reside in the controller, as well as the server.