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Digital mixer


The M-9000M2 Pre-Amplifier is designed to be used in conjunction with optional modules and can be configured for up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 9000 series modules as well as existing 900 series input modules can be used. The most appropriate modules can be selected depending on applications.
It is equipped with signal processing and control functions necessary for sound reinforcement, permitting all parameters to be set at the mixer. Settings data can be stored inside the unit and called up using the keys on the front panel.

  • Compact modular digital mixer
  • For rack-mounting, 2 units height
  • 32 presets for different applications
  • Up to 16 remote control panels can be connected to an M-9000M2 by using a RC-001T control module
  • Different modules, remote panels and a sensing microphone for individual adjustment to the ambient noise
  • Easy to use software
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Tender text for this product:

Fully digital, modular mix system with up to 8 audio input and 8 outputs. Combined operation for mixing and PA applications. Programming of the signalling pathways and functions via PC with supplied software or directly on the device with the help of LCD display with integrated bar meter.
In addition to audio signal input and output modules, the system with modules for the ambient noise-dependent volume control, with additional control inputs and telephone connection can be fitted.
Emergency-off to mute of the mixing system, so that announcements are made by an external PA system be not heard.
2 balanced outputs with 24-bit d / a converters, and extremely low THD with height and deep tone control, high and low pass filters, 10 parametric equalizer, delay and 15 pre-set correction filter of various speakers. Compressor with 5 predefined settings for ease of use. Connection via two supplied Plug-in 3-pin connectors.
Two ports for external volume control or optional remote control units. Optional RS-485 module for the connection of up to 16 bi-directional remote control units.
Features: complete routing (8 x 8 matrix) in 32 presets can be saved and easily to call. Auto mixer with variable NOM setting (0-20), as well as printer automatic. Outputs with up to 40 ms delay (delay). Four priorities as well as optionally mutually locking/superseding priority or mixing, background music distribution language for programmable and easily available, transfers (E.g. announcements) or contact-controlled or via bi-directional remote control unit.

datasheet : M-9000M2__CE_en