KSh 6,900.00


MA: Mullion Antenna Reader (MA) non-keypad with buzzer, ABS enclosure and bi-coloured LED

The MA, Micro Antenna Reader, is a compact Reader. The Antenna Reader includes a single tone Buzzer and a Status LED, their functions are application specific. The MA is designed for use with Impro Antenna Terminals in the IXP220, IXP400 and Access Portal Systems. The Antenna Reader is intended for indoor or outdoor use. The electronic components are potted enhancing its resistance to tampering.


  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Electronic components potted for enhancing resistance to tampering

  • Single tone buzzer with adjustable volume

  • Read/write tag capability for various tag types

  • A single bi-coloured red/green Status LED.

  • Read/Write tag capability for various tag types: Slim Tags (Read Only), Omega Tags (Read Only), WriTag 128 (Read/Write) and WriTag 2048 (Read/Write).