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Dual Mic / Line Input Module with DSP


The D-001T is a plug-in module designed for use with the 9000 Series amplifiers and can provide two independent balanced inputs. The D-001T can handle signals ranging from microphone level to line level by controlling their input sensitivity in 9 increments from -60 dB to -10 dB. Phantom power (+24 V) can be supplied for condenser microphone use. The D-001T can process effect for TONE/EQ/COMPRESSOR to two inputs independently.

  • 2 balanced mic / line Inputs
  • Digital signal processing:
    – 10-band parametric EQ
    – Bass / treble, loudness
    – High pass / low pass filters, compressor
  • Adjustable sensitivity (-60 … -10 dB, 9-steps)
  • Phantom power (24 V DC)
  • Removable terminal block
  • Max. 4 input modules / chassis
  • Required for VOX-function and input measure
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Tender text for this product:

2-channel input module for two symmetric Mic / Line sources. Adjustable sensitivity range from microphone level to line level. Phantom power for microphones can be activated. High fidelity through 24-bit A/D-converter and extremely low distortion.  Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) with treble and bass tone control, high and low pass filters and 10 parametric equalizers. Compressor with 5 predefined settings for ease of use. Loudness can be optionally activated. Connection via two supplied Plug-in 3-pin connectors.

datasheet : D-001T_en