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The Smart System That Keeps You In Touch And In Control

As part of the UltraSync family of products, the xGenConnect series offer solutions for existing as well as new customers. xGenConnect offers a new standard for scalability, flexibility and retrofit installations.

xGenConnect is the natural successor of the iconic NetworX panel series, enabling professional security installers to leverage a single platform for new installs as well as upgrading legacy NetworX installations with the latest technologies and home comfort.

Why You Should Consider The XGenConnect

  • xGenConnect has the flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements for small to mid-sized security systems.
  • The xGenConnect, utilizing the UltraSync™ cloud platform, is one of the most powerful security systems currently available in the market, allowing for a scalable, cost-effective and user friendly security.
  • With the latest technology, Wi-Fi and 4G cellular connectivity options, the xGenConnect series is ready for future connectivity, based on a reliable legacy.
  • The UltraSync+ App provides the user with a pleasing experience. The user can navigate through different menus to arm/disarm the system, check if windows and doors are closed, manage other users and watch live or recorded video clips from up to 16 cameras. The user can enable push notification and be informed instantly in case of an (alarm) event, or in case another user is entering or leaving the virtual perimeter around the protected premises.
  • The UltraSync+ App, supported on Apple® iPhone/iPad or
    Google Android devices, allows almost real-time remote control assuring full peace of mind for the end-user.
  • In addition to security, the xGenConnect can offer a number of home comfort functions via the Z-Wave® home automation option, supporting a number of Z-Wave devices such as lights, thermostats and locks.
  • The xGenConnect is a hybrid solution and supports a wide range of wired and wireless intrusion detectors (door/window, shock, motion sensors) as well as life safety sensors (24 hour medical or hold-up buttons, smoke/heat sensors, flood or freeze).

As leaders in providing technology integration solutions, feel free to discuss with us further how these innovations can be implemented in your organization for the best outcomes.

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