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Bring Multiple Manufacturers Under One Management Software

Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of functions, which need to be managed as a priority for the safety and the protection of the personnel, visitors and physical assets. Factors driving this complexity are numerous: multiple sites, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as other evolving needs. This requires an integrated management solution.

Imagine One Single Interface controlling complex multi-site systems?

One interface to manage and control on-site or remotely all of your security needs on various premises, ranging from intrusion and fire detection up to access control and video surveillance.
These different systems interact thanks to a seamless integration enabling verification of events through video streams and linking intrusion and fire events with access control to safeguard the safety and security of people.

The introduction of Advisor Management software (ATS86xx) more than five years ago provided security and facility managers with a unique integrated management tool to control complex business functions like intrusion, access, video surveillance and/or fire alarms on multiple sites, integrated into, and controlled from, one single user friendly application.

The newly introduced C4 Management Software provides even more capabilities with an open and scalable platform for building management.

Main differences Between C4 and ATS86xx

ATS86xx and C4 both using the same management software base. Both integrate intrusion, video, fire and access control.

ATS86xx: A customized version that supports Carrier products
 Extended version that supports Carrier products as well as other manufacturers (Support of more than 230 hardware models in Intrusion, Fire, Video)

ATS86xx: A competitive package to support Carrier customers
 A competitive price matching market ranges for similar management software

ATS86xx: Delivered in a physical package
 Pure digital, only a license key is needed

Upgrade from ATS86xx to C4

Existing ATS86xx users who are interested to integrate with third party hardware, can still leverage their current setup and upgrade to C4 editions as per the below:

  • From ATS8600/ATS8605 to C4 Standard, you need to purchase ATS8680-STD
  • From ATS8610/ATS8640 to C4 Standard, you need to purchase ATS8681-STD
  • From ATS8640 to C4 Advanced, you need to purchase ATS8682-ADV

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