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The primary goal of an Access Control system is to define who can access areas of the Estate.  Access Portal enables you to customize people into groups.  For example residents, their employees, estate employees, guests etc.

The software provides all the tools you need to securely manage your access control as well as providing an array of integrations into other security and management platforms.  For example: Time and Attendance, Video Management and CCTV, Wireless and Electronic locks and Biometrics.

Impro Technology offers software that is easy to use and can be customized for your unique needs.

Visitor Management

Access Portal Visitor Portal is a complete online, web based visitor management solution that streamlines the process of managing visitors into the residential estate. The system enables self-management through a simple user interface that makes pre-registering visitors, quick and easy.  Visitor Portal seamlessly integrates with Access Portal, giving flexibility to set up pre-defined access profiles and rule sets.


Impro technology offers credentials in various forms.

  • Traditional credentials:  Impro offers a wide range of styles from credit cards, to rectangular key rings, round button tags and slim long range tags.
  • Mobile phones are the new “key”.  Residents are able to use their cellphones and virtual credentials to enter the estate in place of the traditional credentials.

Access Control is a significant investment for any estate. 

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